There is no feeling like leaving home - the last click of the door, the hugs goodbye, the highway blurring past on the way to the airport, and the acceleration down the runway into something new. Like many before me, I am now a traveler with his backpack, a few changes of clothes, and a passport, set adrift with the world awaiting.

My name is Luke Jensen. As a recent graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle, I was given the unique opportunity to explore the world as a Bonderman Travel Fellow. Thanks to the financial support of David Bonderman, I will be vagabonding through South America and Southeast Asia by foot, bus, motorcycle, boat, and whatever other forms of locomotion I can find.

You are invited to follow my adventures over the next year via this website. I will update it about once per week. Please get in touch via email using the Contact link above if you have any suggestions, questions, or thoughts as the story unfolds. Thanks for stopping by and live life as an adventure wherever you are!


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